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What Drawfee is...Edit

The Drawfee Channel is a youtube channel created by College Humor/Dorkly writers Nathan Yaffe and Caldwell Tanner, focusing on a unique youtube style; comedic drawing. Nathan and Caldwell preside over the madness with occasional co-hosts, such as Jacob, Julia, and fan favorite Willie Muse. At its beginning in March of 2014, the channel consisted of only one series, entitled "Morning Drawfee". A month in, Drawfee introduced Drawmbat, a competitive drawing game, Draw Class, where Caldwell and Nathan bestowed their drawing wisdom upon viewers, and a freeform drawing sesh "Drawfee break" . The Drawfee Channel now uploads many series, which currently consist of Drawfee break, Morning Drawfee, Drawmbat, Wiki roulette, Drawception, and the occasional Drawn out.

... and I love them.

Latest activityEdit

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